February 1, 2019

What does it mean to be beautiful?

Jack Elliot, 27 | Rosana Expósito, 23

The story’s message is to convey that beauty is only skin deep. It shows how society has projected unrealistic body image and beauty ideals that even the fairies are affected. ‘Maggie and the Midnight Fairy’ shows how little girls can act as role models to adults and fairies. Because of Maggie the tooth fairy is freed from the pressure she is under and can get back to work, collecting teeth and spreading joy. They say when you dream about teeth falling out it means you’re worried. The midnight fairy can’t collect all of these worries unless she is happy in herself. The beauty of young minds is that they are unaffected/ untarnished from the toxic image of what society deems beautiful. It’s a story which shows the value of young people’s voices. The importance of taking a step back and considering the fresh perspective of youths.


Written by Jack Elliot, Edinburgh-based playwright.
Illustrated by Rosana Expósito, Glasgow-based knitwear designer and illustrator.