January 11, 2020

What does it feel like to be menopausal?

Julie Herkes, 50

Can I really be that old? Am I a dried up old prune? Is this the end? Heavens no! Turning 50 and entering the mystical realms of the menopause was my inspiration for creating this piece. I’m a potter and usually create functional work but wanted to make something for myself that expressed how I was feeling. It actually felt therapeutic trying to create my feelings. I know creating body parts is becoming less of a taboo than it used to be but as this was primarily a work for me, about me, by me-I didn’t care. There wasn’t much planning involved in it other than a scrap of paper that I wrote down various words relating to my impending ‘change’. Hot, sore, risk, fear, liberated, dry, saggy. Not really words you want to think about when you think about a woman. However sculpting this piece with earthenware clay over several weeks was a joyous task that I loved doing despite not believing I was a sculptor let alone a child bearing woman! Being menopausal may be a new period(excuse the pun) in my life but its amazing too! Its like an award for surviving and I gratefully accept.

The change, 2019Clay