February 2, 2020

What does Graffiti mean for a city?

Vanessa Atanassov, 17

“A city without graffiti is a city without a soul” – Didier “jaba” Mathieu Graffiti is the creative underbelly of a city. Ephemeral and exciting but veiled from the general public, unaware of the vibrant subculture taking place. It is something that perfectly captures the place’s ideas and atmosphere. If a city were ever living and breathing it’s graffiti would be its essence and soul. Whether it be a simple tag or a full blown mural, Graffiti and Street Art is very important for a city. It is a healthy outlet for young people; a form of expression, creativity and individuality. Allows for the walls to talk to each other, taggers roaming, claiming space from each other. It gives art back normal people, no white box galleries and its self-contained elitism and nepotism. Art should be a part of everyday life, accessible and free to all. The streets do not discriminate.

City-stallation, 2019Mixed: cardboard, disco ball motor, netball hoop, paper, charcoal.5x4x3meters