February 26, 2019

What does friendship mean when you are in your late twenties?

Robyn Spice


After years of education, from nursery all the way through to a postgraduate degree, I was so unbelievably lucky to spend almost every day surrounded by a number of incredible friends. It wasn’t until very recently, starting a career as a freelancer, where I spend hours on end alone with my thoughts, that I have realised how valuable it is to have a supportive group of friends.

Without knowing, I took for granted the laughter and constant support. I realise now as silence ripples though me, as we’ve all had to ‘grow up’, how lonely life in your late twenties can often be. I had never prepared myself for the day I wouldn’t see my friends.

This short poem and film was inspired by a long weekend trip to Austria. Never again will I take for granted the time spent with a friend.