January 12, 2019

What does existing in a landscape mean to me?

Siobhan McLaughlin


The prose of Nan Shepherd resonates strongly with my work, particularly when she says that ‘we should not walk up a mountain but into them, thus exploring ourselves as well as them’. Whilst walking up munros in Scotland I reflect on her prose The Living Mountain, and I wanted to do something similar with this viewpoint of Venice.
I aimed to try to understand this intriguing place with its maze of streets, flowing canals and coloured rooftops. The many church towers in Venice provided exciting vantage points for me to draw from, and through line and colour I began to explore my surrounding landscape.
Walking is a contemplative process, which I link to the sewing of materials as I create a tangible and rough base to paint upon.
As I walk up a munro or the stairs of a Venetian church tower, I am working through thoughts about what it means to exist in this place, something which I think we should all take the time to do more often.


Recollection (San Marco)
Oil on mixed materials and sublimation printed fabric