October 21, 2019

What does “Europe” mean to me?

William Saraband, 28

In 2015, I moved from my native Portugal to Scotland, the country I’ve since called home. Whilst I benefited from the unfettered advantages of free movement within a continent, I plunged into the crisis of Brexit, and saw a United Kingdom ripping itself apart over its identity as a European nation. As I my own identity as a European transformed to accommodate the new reality of being a Scot, as well as a Portuguese, the question of what being an European truly means came to mind. Geographically, there’s no escaping that everyone on this continent is a European – but how does that translate beyond geography, and politics, into the emotional realm of personal identity? What is Europe, and what does being a European truly mean?

Europa, 2019Acrylic on canvas76x61cm