December 22, 2018

What does being ‘United’ mean to you?

Lucy Wilcox


I believe that this piece can speak for all us women and why we unite together as one instead of turning against each other. I used this piece for a project at college and I wanted it to be about the relationship between me and mother and how we spoke about sexual violence. I was more aggressive about the subject on how we should stand up and fight, although my mother disagreed and should respect how traumatic those experiences were for women and find it hard to come out and share their experiences, and of course there are mentions about the #ME2 movement and how it spun into the controversy throughout the media and how it affected women and men. There should not be a conflict or a judgement on ones opinion and should understand it and respect ones’ religion, motherhood, and culture. Each woman lives in a different skin but each one manifests a tough skin that we share together to face the battles we come across everyday.