April 29, 2020

What does art mean to the individual and to society?

Alex Parish

Oil PaintMaya Cello, 202090 x 90 cm

My image depicts Maya playing her cello next to an empty chair with our garden in the background. It aims to convey the key role that art can play in an individual’s life and by extension, in society. Critically, the importance of art as a means of expressing how an individual interprets their thoughts and feelings and of the affect this can have on an onlookers’ understanding of their own life. Here, playing the cello is shown as something that the individual is compelled to do; a vital part of their existence. It is a solace, a meditation amidst the complexity of life and the emotional turmoil that each of us inevitably suffers at some point. The cellist is my wife, and her cello is blue to portray her emotion dissipating into the vessel. The music that she appreciates, masters and creates is her aeroplane. The vibrant colours surrounding her evoke the joy that this beautiful self-expression brings to her, and to those who are touched by her music.