November 20, 2020

What does a modern day love letter look like?

Hester Grant

Paint and ink on paperYouTube Love Stories, 2020

“YouTube Love Stories” is a zine I created from taking YouTube comments and putting them in a fairytale love story context. These YouTube comments are ones that are posted on videos of songs about love and relationships and the comments are about their own past relationships. I surrounded one of the YouTube comments with flowers and an image of Adam and Eve as they are often seen as the first ever couple in history. The intention of the comments seem to be to reach out to their past lovers or hope to find someone else to relate to their past heartbreaks. These comments are interesting to me as these people are being vulnerable in a very public setting. However, there is an element of anonymity as these people are using a chosen username and account to post these comments. Also, the vast amount of content on the internet allows these comments to be camouflaged. I believe the internet has allowed people to display a level of vulnerability that we couldn’t display in the past, but there is still a wall of protection. This raises the question of whether this truly is vulnerability or if it is too polished and artificial?