August 13, 2019

What do you write with?

Alice Fry, 21

What do you write with? A plastic pen? Imagine all the pens you have used in your lifetime. Where have they gone? Our detachment from the environment and the landscape around us has allowed 1.6 billion pens to end up in landfill every year in the US alone. What is the future of this culture?

This ink well and two reed pens explores the possible outcomes into the future of something as fundamentally human as writing. The more connected we are with our landscape, the more sustainable our lives become. This piece uses found materials that connect my life to the Earth: a rock from Kirkcaldy beach, a piece of wood from Loch Lomond shores, and reeds from my home in Lincolnshire. Using the traditional metalsmithing technique of raising, I have used no machinery. The rhythmic human interaction with such an ancient metal as copper, connects us with our primordial instincts.

What do you write with?, 2019Copper, ink, reeds, wood35cm x 12cm