July 30, 2021

What Do You Wanna Say?

Joshua Macpherson

Oils on CanvasDid Your Sister Sleep in Her Room Last Night?, 202150 x 60cm

Horror is frequently overlooked as exploitative and ‘low class’. But in its extremity, the genre permits us to empathise and viscerally feel the worst of trauma in an environment to safely discuss these subjects. In the aftermath of violent tragedy, we are forced to study the experience of the victim. Lingering on his face, his actions. Why this reaction? What is he thinking? Would I be any different? Can I judge him? We are quick to apply narratives in life to any event or relationship. However, these perceptions, grievances, or conflicts are rarely ever truly aired or examined. By the time any are expressed, it is often long past the point of reconciliation. If the time was ever taken to appreciate, moment to moment, what we are each experiencing or suffering, would we all feel as trapped in the inevitability of our circumstances?