January 26, 2019

What do you see?

Jenny Anderson


What do you see?

An honest farmer earning his keep, doing a job he and his family have done for generations?

Or a cruel man abusing an animal for his own profit?

It’s a debate that has hit many headlines recently, including a recent PETA campaign which features Alicia Silverstone naked and brandishing the slogan ‘be kind, leave wool behind’.

Sadly this debate is casting a dark shadow over honest small-time farmers, many of whom love their animals as much as their own family. Having lived on the West Coast of Scotland working for a devoted cattle and sheep farmer, I have seen first hand how much each of his animals means to him. The sheep are sheared annually to prevent overheating and disease; ultimately, to prevent their death. I ask myself, how can this be seen as cruelty? Many breeds of sheep DO NOT naturally shed their fleece. Even if they did, it may already be too late. The two minutes of slight discomfort for a life. A healthy life.
And the end product; a natural, bio-degradable, renewable material which can be used for clothing, insulation and natural oils.

I ask you again, what do you see?

This image is part of an on-going project focusing on the beautiful people of Scotland, from all walks of life.