October 6, 2019

What do you mean you don’t like cats?

Karla Healy

Oil & Acrylic on canvasSnotter Cat, 2016A1 paper size

“Imagine being a 40- something, unmarried woman and not owning at least one cat?”
“How lonely must you be not having the love of a cat?”
“What do you mean you don’t like cats?”
These are all statements said to or about me, my spinsterhood and my dislike of our furry feline foes. I am one of the 10% of the human population who experiences that familiar nasal tingle prior to a series of explosive sneezes, the itch of the eyes before they swell themselves closed and the wheezing response that has landed me in hospital on more than one occasion. I’m allergic to cats.

I’m often reminded not to take nuts or eggs or latex into communal areas but no one ever questions cat owners over the cleanliness of their clothing and no cat owner ever considers that their darling little tibbles could make someone quite seriously ill. Snotter Cat is a visual representation of my feelings towards cats. What do I mean when I say I don’t like cats? I’m saying I like breathing and seeing too much to bother owning one.