I have a fascination with abandoned and disused things. In particular, I have a fondness for the effects and aesthetic of rust. Something so prevalent and recurrent in my artwork that I have begun to equate it with my personal beliefs. I draw parallels between the process of rusting, and the process of living. We are all in a sense, fighting corrosion. The marks created by these obsolete objects, represent the marks left on us by our own experiences. We are all trying (consciously or unconsciously) to understand, to process and cope with, the lasting impact of things from our pasts. I gave these rusted objects as “offerings” to the totem, each discarded piece of rusted metal, having a past, a lost function, a story of its own. I wanted to make something that embodied this notion, while also responding to other issues that have importance to me – notions of mental health, of glamour and consumerism, femininity and feminism, and mankind’s interaction with the natural world. In creating this piece I want to ask, what has symbolism and resonance for you? I want to encourage people to consider their own beliefs, their own traditions, rituals and totems.

Totem No.3,
Found Objects, Rusted Metal and Paper Pulp,
90 x 19 inches.