PaperRemnant, 2022A4

This work was made to help me process a very difficult time in my life. In 2014 I had surgery to partially remove a brain tumour. It was complicated; I had a psychotic and psychedelic episode in ICU. Since this time I have rebuilt my life and health but the remnant of the tumour remains. My brain scans are black and white but they appear to me as full colour, the shimmering aura of colours I saw during my episode. I used a torn and cut paper collage to create something curious and beautiful that represents my brain and tumour. The title ‘Remnant’ is important to me as a textile designer. I was struck by the use of the surgeon’s word when describing the procedure, I could understand this ‘scrap of matter’ left behind. By illustrating my remnant, I found a way to accept my traumatic experience. Creating this in the familiar form of a textile repeat has made it a positive thing to me, of beauty. Can others find a way to lessen their trauma with illustration? After 7 years I have finally managed to lay that negative experience aside and am reconciled and empowered.