February 5, 2020

What do you do when you realise nothing you do matters?

Calvin Goh, 26

The clash between youthful idealism and harsh reality is something that many of us encounter as we mature. Dreams we grew up having, changes we intended to make, all vanish the instant we step out of the protective bubble that education affords us. There is the moment of sudden realization that the world doesn’t care about what you want. The knowledge that life more often than not throws you a curve ball. Still, the important thing is how we deal with it. Chin up, or tail tucked between our legs? My inspiration for this story comes both from listening to friends who shared their experiences in job hunting and the lengths that people would go to in order to secure themselves a position, and a personal episode in which my own dream was denied. This is a partly reflective, partly cathartic venture that explores how sometimes, we forgo who we are, what we are, simply because we do not fit the mold that we were assigned. We stay silent, hoarding our questions and doing what is asked of us even if we don’t understand why, because in the end, what good comes from following dreams that cannot sustain us?

Millennial Romance, 2020