October 7, 2020

What do you crave for?

Gloria Lattanzi

Short FilmAppetites, 2020

Four guys, one naked girl and one rule: do not touch her. The girl is laid on top of a table, covered with Japanese food. Her face is hidden behind a mask, concealing her identity. It’s immediately clear what kind of appetites drive the characters of this story. However, even if sexual desire and food craving are the most evident themes, they are not the main ones. What I really wanted to investigate in my film, was the desire to control others, carried out by the main character. The art of manipulation is about getting people to want what you want them to. In this regard, the main character persuades his friends to discover the girl’s identity. Moreover, he tries to manipulate the girl too, making her willing to take off the mask and show her face. The other theme I explored is the objectification of the woman. The girl is treated without regard to her dignity. The mask seems more to underlain her dehumanisation rather then protect her identity. At the end, as audience, we are all involved in this game, so that we are both victims and perpetrators.