January 23, 2020

What do you contribute back to society?

Georgia Brown


In my photographs I wanted to capture the beauty of people in a huge city; New York. I feel it is easy to get lost in a huge crowd of people so being able to capture someone in their light is something I felt strongly doing. I felt it was important to keep the colour in the photo to exaggerate the city that never sleeps. Before going to New York I looked at a photographer; Jack Garofalo. The layout of the photos and keeping the colours in the photos really captures the 60s in their best form. I think after how my photos turned out I’d contribute to it by travelling more, as I’ve got many places planned on where I want to capture the life of the city. I went to the city to try something new, and I wanted to communicate how we are all living such different life’s and we don’t know what’s going on in their life.