January 31, 2019

What do we (really) leave behind?

Catarina Belo


I’ve always wondered about the soul of things and places we leave behind. Not the soul in the way we design it as people, but something else, something of their own. They are valuable to us. We conceive realities built on shared or lonely moments supported by objects, spaces and locations. I find important to pay attention to the parallel life of these supports and appreciate them from a distance, after human life deserts them. It puzzles me how they prevail; independent of our presence but dependent of our will, awaiting fate to be drawn which can mean their end or their eternity. I preserve the after-moments by taking pictures in different situations and parts of the world. Realising the ulterior world of what we leave behind created a new sense of space and time for me, as I understand that I never belonged to it; I’ve only passed through. It revealed that my presence is not constant, making me re-interpret the value of what I leave behind: the people, the places, the moments, and in the end my own past self, whom defined me and what I keep leaving behind.


What We Leave Behind
Set of photographs