January 28, 2021

What Do We Look Forward To?

Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

FilmEvening Plans, 2021

Lockdown has tested us. It has tested our physical, moral, and social resilience, and in many cases, demonstrated how breathtakingly fragile our community structures and psyches really are.

“Evening Plans” is the story of Nora, a woman who has faced isolation with a stiff upper lip but a desperate, gnawing need for interaction, in whatever form that might take. She is in this city alone, more alone than she ever has been.

The few friends she knew before moving here don’t answer her calls. She has no way of finding out why. So when she finally gets the chance to have evening plans – a small work-related social one night – Nora finally has something to anticipate. Something to prepare for. Something to look forward to. But nothing ever goes quite right during this pandemic, does it?

My film is an acknowledgement, interpretation, and document of our pent-up desire for the presence of other people. When we are so deprived of chances to make even the most modest of plans, one evening of community becomes akin to the event of the season. This is a small story of a gigantic, disarming, ongoing loneliness. May we all reconnect soon.