Antonio’s Tale is a highly stylised exploration of Alzheimer’s Disease, the importance of storytelling, and the fleeting nature of life. Director Jacob Swan Topen presents a deeply personal short film, based on his relationship with his Grandparents. Shot in March 2018, on location in the west coast of Scotland, near the small town of Troon.

The only dialogue in this film is the mythical tale of Antonio; an old bedtime story passed down to my Father from his Father, a repeating tale that never ends. The meaning of these words become irrelevant, and is replaced with specific emotions each time they are told. With Antonio’s Tale I wanted to tell a familiar story that is eagerly repeated in order to be passed on with care and love. The elderly man is used to embody Alzheimer’s, the effects of old age and time itself. The chair surviving us, as a memento of our lives, to the loved ones who we are remembered by.

As we live our lives telling such tales we are desperate to glean the true meaning of our existence, but the meaning of it all has always been so simple:

One dark and stormy night…


Title: Antonio’s Tale, Short Film

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Website: @jacobtopen
Vimeo: Jacob Topen