April 29, 2021

‘What Do We Do With Our Spare Time And What Is The Future Of Our Community Halls?

Rebecca Milling

Photographs With Written ListsSpare Time, 2020

This project set out to celebrate the diverse activity in communal spaces which provide a safe sheltered centre outside of the workplace or home. The idea of spare time is to have time that is spare, but how do we spend this spare time? The variety of clubs and societies that are formed indicates how essential spare time is to our sense of self and well-being within a wider society. Empty community halls across the breadth of Edinburgh have been photographed in 2018-19, displaying the architectural beauty of these often hidden spaces. Since the impact of Coronavirus, all of these spaces remain closed. This project has taken on another dimension reminding us of how many of us spent our spare time together, it highlights the great loss that we are currently experiencing and questions what the future of these spaces will be.