October 20, 2020

What do toys get upto whilst we aren’t around?

Lily Farquhar

Nikon 1 CameraSecret Life Of Toys, 2019

In my entry I have shown some creative images I captured featuring a variety of different toys. In this project I wanted to create childlike images which please the eye. In my work I have shown small work men, barbie and a treasure troll. I like the contrast of the workmen with the fruity backgrounds, this adds oddness into the images. In my barbie image I have chosen to place her in a river to create a swamp queen picture, I feel like this was successful as the camera focus is on her face. Lastly in my treasure troll picture I used a artificial green plant, this created a great contrast between the bright red and tropical green colours making the image brighter and eye-catching. Throughout these images I think I have effectively shown and created fun pictures which was my aim! I really enjoyed making the different toys do multiple of activities like us humans do.