November 5, 2018

What do secrets really do to us as people?

Caitlin-Jane Bryce-Davis Lockhart


At the moment, we fool ourselves into believing that we are living in a modern age of honesty, that the ‘goings-on’ of our world are not being hidden or kept from us. We would rather believe that the narrow pinprick in our field of vision is all that there is and that the darkness surrounding it is inconsequential. However, be it on a global scale – the half-truths and concealments that spill from the lips of important men in suits – or a much smaller one – the rotten branch of a family tree buried deep within a pact of shared blood – this belief we have is blind and false. Keeping secrets is an intrinsically human concept, and oftentimes a harmful one. I believe that it is as unhealthy as it is ingrained in us as people. In this piece, I endeavour to explore the way in which different kinds of secrets affect us, as well as the hurt and sometimes complete destruction they leave in their wake.