July 20, 2019

What do our routines say about us?

Marielle Bodenheimer, 23

Every single one of us has routines they follow during the day. We do not question them or think twice about them. The cup of coffee or tea in the morning is as normal as brushing our teeth. It is what we do.

Strange to think about that those boring, every day routines define us much more than we think. Even stranger to question our daily routines.

The short story ‘Morning Routine’ offers a glimpse into a young woman’s life and her start in the day. Without knowing who she is her routine gives us, the readers, the opportunity to read much out of her character. She does not know that she is defined by every single one of her unconcious gestures. Just making a cup of tea with ginger because it is supposed to be healthy (though she does not like ginger) has the power to reveal a lot about her character. The story places her in a new, uncomfortable environment, but her routines stay with her.

What do routines say about her? What do our routines say about us? Should we question our routines?

Morning Routine, 2019