April 29, 2020

What do our hands say about sacrifice?

Blossom Mccuaig, 27

This piece is inspired by Albrecht Durer’s masterpiece. Legend has it that Durer’s brother sacrificed his own art education –taking up employment in the mines- in order to fund Durer’s studies. Being poor, the family could only afford to send one son to university, so the elder surrendered his dreams for his brother’s. “Praying Hands” is believed to pay homage to this act of familial love. Whether true or not, this fable reminds me of our own time of crisis. Before the pandemic, my parents (both NHS workers) made deep economic sacrifices to send my siblings and myself to university. Now, they are sacrificing their own health for that of the nation. In both cases, these measures were taken out of hope, love and trust. Today, I see the public invest the same faith in them -in all our essential workers- by making equally immense personal and economic sacrifices. Just as Durer paid tribute to his brother through Praying Hands, I would like to pay tribute to the national and global community in this time of crisis. As J. Greenwald states in his essay on Durer, “Let this work be your reminder, that no one ever makes it alone!”

Pandemic Hands, 2020Graphite, Chalk, Ink11"X14"