June 25, 2019

What do I want my family to know if I disappear?

Raoul MacCamley, 24

What do I want my family to know if I disappear? I know it’s going to happen… My question isn’t “what next for me?”, it’s “what next for them?”.

I read a story the other day; a 24 year-old kid (my age) died a sudden, violent death from bacterial meningitis. He was healthy and athletic (like me), was doing well in school and had a promising life ahead of him. This kid left behind a devoted fiancée and heartbroken parents.

The story gave me a valuable, sobering insight into how really vulnerable my body is, despite my youthful hubris. For the first time, I honestly acknowledged that any day could be my last and I felt the sudden urge to write and record this song – just in case – as an address to my family and loved ones.

It isn’t my intention to die soon, but this song now gives me the peace of mind that my positive last words are now set in stone, and could provide some reference to my thoughts and feelings – perhaps even closure – if I were to go.

Attention® is a brand encompassing my creative productions and artistic style, characterised by impactful music and thought-provoking visuals.

If I Die,
Studio recording (audio),
Run-time: 5:53 minutes,
Accompanying cover artwork (illustration),
1000 x 1000 pixels.