April 30, 2021

‘What Did We Do To You? Where Will You Go From Here?’

Kenneth MacLennan

The Message,

This has been a long term and collaborative project which was born out of a meeting between an oil worker and a social worker around 2008. We both loved music and wanted to use our music to make a statement about the state of planet Earth, the behaviours of corporate bodies and how our planet was being trashed. We wanted to raise awareness about the urgent need to save our planet and provide hope to our children. “The Message” was born. It has been a long journey! There have been many developments. Some people have had a much greater impact than we will ever have, including the young climate change activist Greta Thunberg. We wrote the song some ten years before Greta’s famous speech to the UN Climate Change COP24 in 2018. It took ten years for “The Message” to be recorded and when it was the track was given away in return for donations to Greenpeace Environmental Trust It has had radio plays throughout the world and reached No 3 in the SNMG Charts (2020). With COP 26 in Glasgow this year why not enter “The Message”?