January 16, 2020

What defines a hero?

Michael Stuart, 54

What defines a hero? Can a girl be the hero? Selkirk’s Island – The Race for Home is a children’s story exploring friendship, drama, overcoming the odds and doing what’s right. It has cliff-hangers and a final twist. This book tries to, in a small way, redress the balance between the ever-widening gap of books for girls vs books for boys. It was written initially for my daughter, however as I progressed, it became clear to me, I was writing for all girls. Girls who want to be heroes as well.

Do you remember the time

Not that long ago

When you listened intently

To the stories of old

When each cliff-hanger

Made your heart skip a beat

And each chapter you read

Had you on the edge of your seat

Stories of monsters

And their innocent prey

Then along came the hero

To save the day

This story however is not about frights

It’s a story of friendship and

Putting things right

Don’t worry, there’s a twist and cliff-hangers galore

With each chapter you read

You’ll cry out for more

So enjoy, read on, let the story be told

Will you guess the twist?

Will you see it unfold?

Selkirk's Island - The Race for Home, 2019Children's Fiction