Acrylic On CanvasWhat Day Is Today?, 2020

Without the regiment of work, the anticipation of occassion or the regularity of physical, social contact, time can swiftly lose its meaning. For some, including myself, this meant the possibility of exploring creative paths previously unexplored or at least, merely touched upon. For others, the lack of boundaries created an unwelcome, inescapable sense of despair. In a bid to overcome the latter, whilst simultaneously endeavouring to capture those emotions created by a life in lockdown, I set out to paint a series of portraits. They were never intended to be of anyone in particular, yet simultaneously produced to represent everyone’s shared experience during this historical moment. Additionally, they were never intended to have any great meaning to me, but in their creation I remembered the importance of human expression in whatever form that may take. Expression brings meaning to time – these pieces shall always remind me of that, of this time, and I hope you can find meaning in them too.