June 29, 2020

What cost the cries within us?

Mark Grieve, 48

Does this period of isolation auger well for the mental health of so many? We listen, to ourselves, to others. We face a barrage of opinion, more so at this time than perhaps any other. So many voices jostling for attention, injustice, prejudice, millions of voices crying out to be heard in anger and in pain. We face a constant drip feed through social and public media and on top of all that, some of us have been looking inwards during this pandemic, consciously or not. Will we emerge with a better understanding of who we are? Many will endure more confusion and anxiety from such emotionally charged, personally and collectively, difficult times. We are often harshest on ourselves and time spent at home, particularly by those living alone and separated from loved ones may have even more visible and difficult consequences in the weeks and months yet to come. We are told to be kind, kindness and understanding are the minimum of requirements we must all demonstrate.

Splinters in Isolation, 2020Creative Photography