October 31, 2018

What colour is blue?

Rose Raine Sutherland


My work expresses the value of connection, and the significance of different people gaining diverse meaning from the same use of colour. It questions what we feel when we see the colour blue.

Blue can be a symbol of calmness and clarity, but can also encompass feelings of deep sadness and depression. For example, the idiom ‘feeling blue’ connects colour with a series of negative feelings, allowing for different interpretations to stem from the same colour use.

In this painting, I wanted to capture a sense of overwhelming vastness, perhaps signifying the emotions of loneliness and sadness that are connected to the colour blue. However, the painting also connects the colour to that of nature, in specific the colour of the sea and sky. This, again, links back to the positive connotations that many see when viewing the colour blue.

I believe art should be all encompassing, and observers should not just be consumed by the subject matter, but the use of colour and the emotions it provokes.


Title: Encompass’

Acrylic, 80x100cm @roseraineart

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