January 28, 2019

What can young people write about?

Arron Cockell, 24

For young people today it seems difficult to find the reasons to write. It feels that we are constantly looking back at great authors whilst simultaneously being told that we are too young to understand the ethic required to be a writer/ creative. However, many of the classics and the works we read and revere today were written by authors whilst they were in their twenties.

I wrote Glasgow Nights whilst under a great deal of mental strain, and yet I was able to finish it. I feel the novel itself explores many modern themes that are very relevant to young people in Scotland and the UK. I feel that we have many great writers among us who are capable of creating the works we will cherish in decades to come. We just need that confidence to write again. I know this will be the first of many novels for myself, and I feel that the world we live in today is a melting pot of ideas for young adults to pick at and create from.


Glasgow Nights