July 31, 2020

What can you see with your eyes closed?

Jeremy 'Jezz' Alexander, 51

With a desire to work beyond the small graphite portraits I was accustomed to producing and having no experience of creating the large exterior vistas I wished to engage with I found myself struggling to find a starting point where I felt I could create a piece that was visually and thematically genuine and engaging. As can often happen during periods of over-analysis, inspiration blossomed from instinct and literally ‘blind’ luck. Turning a corner on a rainy afternoon in Dundee I was compelled to look behind me. The eastern sky was an overwhelming featureless blaze which in turn reflected off the wet streets. It was so dazzling I could barely see but I knew it was special and as I hurried for my bus I fumbled for my digital camera, turned with my eyes closed and took a single photograph. This spontaneous moment provided the foundation for my first exterior piece, realised in pastels and utilising warm hazy sepia tones. The resulting work takes the viewer out of their present tense and offers them a portal to a familiar but undetermined time and place as well as a celebration of intuition and the beauty and spectacle of any given moment.

'In the Blink of an Eye', 2019Pastels42 x 59 cm