January 27, 2019

What can you do to help society better understand mental health issues?

Charlene Hunter, 28

My entry explores the value of the human mind and the way we view everyday things. Not everyone thinks alike and that can either divide us as a society, or make us stronger. We just have to alter our perception to understand.
Where one person may simply see a pothole in the path they have chosen to take, another may view this very differently. Such as their struggles in life.
For some people this may not just be a “bump in the road”, but a great lake. An impossible feat!
But if society were to change perspective a little and be more open to others’ way of seeing things, a great lake that seems impossible to overcome alone, can be defeated by all working together from the same boat.


Where you see a pothole, I see a lake!

I want people to see the world differently. There is beauty in everything we see, sometimes it just takes longer to find it.

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