October 27, 2020

What can we learn from those who have passed?

Omid Farkhondeh


This entry revolves around the main stages of grieving. We must live with it, rather than reject it or ignore it – it lives with us. However, it becomes less intense over time and I believe we eventually grow from it. In this short film, journal entries help guide a young man as he grieves his mother, however this can be the same with memories or stories of a person who has passed. Taking time to remember those who have passed now gives me courage to do what I can, while I can – “time marches on”. It can take time to get through the grieving process, and it can come back in waves… yet the feeling of loss is usually outweighed by realising who came before me and being conscious of what made them special to me. Moving forward, by standing on the shoulders of passed loved ones and using my time for better feels the most noble way to respect them.