January 31, 2020

What can we learn from Billy about confidence, success and resilience to inspire our future generations?

Julie Wilkes

Oil on canvasPainting, 2020

Billy epitomises Scottish humour, he took our very own brand of funny out onto the world stage; sharp, witty, dark, self- deprecating, and oh, how they laughed. We are a nation of funny folk, in-fact, we are suspicious of people who are not. So what does he know that we don’t? That all knowing glint of mischief in his eyes and cheeky grin. Always on the brink of laughter with the lines etched to prove it. Out of the grey, Billy shines that unmistakeable comedic expression with a hint at a life full of hope, optimism and laughter. That face that we all know and love can tell us so much. So what, therefore, makes Billy brilliant? Where did he find his ‘can do’ in a place that thinks it ‘cannae do’?. In an egalitarian country where no man is better than the next, ‘who does he think he is’? As an artist I want to explore all that is great about Scotland, from our awe inspiring landscape, to the people who make us exceptional. Perhaps looking a bit closer at Billy can help us to harvest our new age of confidence and have a good laugh to boot.