October 24, 2019

What can I change ?

Lorraine Buchanan, 56

I’ve entered My Conscience because over the years I’ve met a lot of people suffering from anxiety and depression, and people who are angry and hostile, who didn’t want to live the way they did or do the things they done. But didn’t know what to change or how to change. They didn’t know the root of their problems was the behaviours and the values, they had learned, and were normal to them, their families and the society they lived and socialised in. Some of who suffered from; addiction or like me are family members, or people who have very poor mental health, all had suicidal thoughts, death seeming like the only way out!

All needed to identify behaviours, thoughts and emotions, we experienced in day to day life, at the root and understand, they had learned them, or conformed to feel loved. If we learned them, we could unlearn them. Realising how we spoke to other people and how we treated them or what we accepted in the name of love, and how this affected us. Gave us hope, courage, and the knowledge we needed to change, be anxiety free and feel at peace with our self

My conscience, 2019