WritingAn Essay on Losing and Finding Hope, 2020

Normally April should be a productive month: spring brings new ideas and potential orders as galleries and tourist destinations get into gear. This April of course nothing is normal. With health services and key workers trying so hard to just keep us all alive, some sacrificing themselves in so doing, makers of art and crafts are forced to re-evaluate their purpose. How can we possibly help? I rushed into recording online tutorials to inspire my pupils’ creativity and mental health, but struggled with my own. Fortunately, I recently read a story which rescued me from this malaise. The essay which follows is about the transformative power of the story; through writing it I have been able to reflect on those human qualities from which we can all take comfort and be inspired by : depth of feeling, imagination, acceptance of mystery, patience, humour, a unique perspective which shines a light in dark corners. I hope my essay will encourage others to read this book so that they might take the same delight in it, and perhaps if they too have been doubting themselves, to regain faith in their own vision.