Poetry and PhotographyThegither, 2020Self-Produced Coronaverse volume

Since March 2020, the world has become much more of a virtual and self-virtual canvas and app. Education we thought we possessed about our worlds has been reexamined and reprocessed. Education about ourselves and our worlds has been made new by ourselves and shared with and by others far outwith our once comfortable curricula. Scots is my first language and as the Coronavirus grew and many of our previous worlds shrank, I found myself walking more and more in my geographical locality and letting it help my Scots speak about experiences it hadn’t had or had to write about before. I shared many of these poems in the virtual social media world and their language inspired a non-Scots speaker and photographic artist from England to learn my language of Scots. The poems’ language and imagery spoke to him more than his own language and inspired him to come together and thegither with me to unite our culturally different but experientially similar sights of shared views, shared landscapes and changed worlds, geographically and mentally improving both. As did Thegither when made into a book which spoke to many verbally and imagistically in languages we can all learn, use and benefit from.