Mixed Media Installation and Spoken WordSomnium, 2019

Somnium is a handmade box bed. It’s a safe nest and a cage. It’s about being disabled, visibly invisible and living in a world that is distinctly inaccessible. It is an installation exploring the surreal world that one inhabits when living with chronic illness. It is a story, spoken gently, about viewing life from behind a thick pane of glass. I make work about my experience of the world as a disabled woman, with multiple chronic illnesses including Fibromyalgia and cPTSD. I use this altered state of perception to create large scale sculptural installations which open up a window into experiences most people don’t witness. I am in a unique position as an artist not only to provide representation for those of us who are marginalised and often unseen (myself included; I spend most of my time at home or in bed) but informative and artistic experiences that can open up conversations around access, the politics of being a disabled person in the current political climate and the intersection of poverty many of us experience. Spoken visual description of work available on Soundcloud. Transcript of spoken word available on website.