June 2, 2020

What becomes of our memories when we are forgotten?

Tim Kirman

Projection and Audio InstallationThe Appropriation of Memories, 2020

This body of work represents the appropriation of memories from found photographs. Having collected these memories, I have set out to give them a new narrative and meaning documenting my progress and research on my blog. Memories are transient and over time we embellish the detail to the point that it is questionable just how reliable they are. As an artist I am driven to create an engaging visual experience and this project is a means to which I can recount the tales I have appropriated to my own way. The stories within are now my own. However, at the same time I want the viewer to create their own narratives from their experience and so the cycle will continue as the original memories are transformed and revised again. My work is varied in its response mixing media from print to projection and differing materials to create 3D forms.