Coloured pencil, paint and resin on board'Phrases I have heard or said a lot in 2020', 202030 X 30 cm

I am a Glasgow-based, multidisciplinary artist, whose practice is inspired by nature and an urge to preserve it. My work focuses on raising consciousness for ecological issues. Recently, I have been making work that reflects the current Covid-19 pandemic. This piece, ‘Phrases I have heard or said a lot in 2020’ is a response to the pandemic situation. As the title suggests, it contains phrases that have been going around this year, like; “Yeah just feels like it’s back to square one”, or “We’re all in the same boat”. They are simple, sort of empty sayings, but they offer comfort, as a reminder that everyone is experiencing hard times because of Covid-19. I think of them as ways for us to cope and recognise that we should cut ourselves some slack in times of struggle. As I made this piece and thought more about other contexts in which I have heard similar sayings, what came to mind was the climate crisis. “It is what it is,” is among other common, unhelpful responses I have experienced when discussing environmental issues with others. So, a second meaning behind this piece is to questioning negative attitudes towards environmentally positive action.