October 20, 2019

What are you really thinking when you look at someone?

Fatima Anwar

Muddled Perceptions, 2019

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to jump to quick conclusions about people simply based on how they look, what they dress like and their social behaviour. This judgemental behaviour has been heightened by social media, as many people now hold expectations of how somebody should look. Anyone different from the norm is questioned and not given a chance to express themselves. Little do we know the real story of an individual and how they are really feeling. Doesn’t an individual have freedom to choose what to wear, what to eat, if they want body art or what colour of hair they have?

This poetry piece explores an individual’s journey battling their judgemental thoughts of people based on their looks and enforces the importance of respect. The best way to get to know someone is through speaking and getting to know them rather than conforming to common misconceptions.

Treating someone the way we want to be treated is vital in life. This means talking, listening and most of all giving someone a chance to express themselves rather than having negative thoughts based on how they look. So, what are you really thinking when you look at someone?