Human Water, 2019

Human Water is a visual journal that’s based on my experience growing up. The title was inspired by a quote from the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard – “Childhood is a human water, a water which comes out of the shadows. This childhood in the mists and glimmers, this life in the slowness of limbo gives us a certain layer of birth…” I’m curious about ways that people view the world, especially their self- consciousness, self-recognition, and their expression of humanity. To me, humans are like water, the ups and downs of life are just like the flux of the tide, yet with a sense of distance. I try to live with this sense of distance according to the memories and fantasies existing in my mind. However, it’s not the distant sense that I want to describe, but how to fill in the gap of such distance by using images. Because I believe the characteristics of people are hard to change, no matter if it was born naturally or marked by their growing experience, they will be deeply planted in the body, the marks will always be there regardless of how much you want to change it. The only thing you can do is to live with it peacefully. Don’t be afraid, don’t run away, nor drown in it. To cultivate the patience by taking photographs so I get along with myself, that’s the only purpose.