September 27, 2019

What are you feeling?

Emma Hillcoat, 22

My work explores the way we feel, think and share with those we love and ourselves. I placed 6 questions throughout my local park in Paisley to encourage its users to have meaningful thought-provoking conversations with their loved ones, their dogs, or even themselves.

These intimate questions in public spaces make us aware of the boundaries that we have set. How much are we sharing? How well do we know those around us or even ourselves? I think these conversations are important to have but can be very difficult. I wanted to make this easier and add an element of fun and exploration, both physical and mental. to it.
Location is a very important element of this work. Paisley is my home, and it feels justified that I question the community I am part of. I want to help create an open, loving environment in my town, through my creative practice. There was an energy in the park that day of people discussing and opening up.

Another important element of my work is making art accessible to everyone. Everyone who answered a question about themselves participated and experienced in the art, some without realising it.

Walk With Me, 2019Clear plastic, red pine1700 x 1000 mm