November 17, 2021

What Are We Teaching?

Christine Roychowdhury

Oil on CanvasThe Art Of Teaching, 202195 cm x 160 cm

I have taught art for 25 years. Within western society teachers have lost their benign association as the statement of “those who can do, those who can’t teach “has come to define them. This despite the historical evidence that says that the best artists of the past ran studios with students and apprentices learning their trade passing on their knowledge and skills. Teaching is important but sometimes what is learnt can be conformity and your place. I was brought up within a working class family and as a woman I come at art from that point. I look at art that is not normally regarded as important that has slipped through the cracks of history which has been predominantly dominated by male points of view. I look at how women tend to disappear at a certain age and yet remain as individuals. I am interested in viewpoints both literal and metaphorical. I believe a painting should work on a visceral emotional level and be both personal and universal. Women and work as liberation and enslavement. Time is also important in my paintings Aging and ageism. Teaching provides an income but may also come with a price tag of bias?