October 30, 2020

What are we pushed to when we feel powerless?

Paul Case

Theatre script, StorytellingDead White Anarchists, 2019

With ‘Dead White Anarchists’, I wished to communicate my complex feelings on some forms of radical politics and political violence without the comfort of easy answers. Intentionally, it is not a polemical piece, and the audience are left to reflect on the issues for themselves. While I wished to challenge myself as a writer/performer and the audience, I also wanted the show to simply be a story well told, mixing entertaining elements of true story, historical fiction, science fiction and crime thriller. Having an interest in radical political history, and personal experience with anarchist activism, motivated me to write ‘Dead White Anarchists’. The show reflects on how a lack of control over our own lives can engender both idealism and hopelessness, and attempts to take back control can express themselves in extreme behaviour of all kinds, and that this has been a historical issue as well as one for our current tumultuous age. While it does not offer solutions, ‘Dead White Anarchists’ tells of a bloody past and a chaotic present, but, by the end, it has not lost hope in the future.