September 27, 2019

What are we afraid of?

Georgia Middleton, 22

Our film explores the psychological battle that the Nora experiences everyday of her life. The story shows the character in her environment and takes us on a journey of her reality living with severe agoraphobia. Nora draws the city of Edinburgh and uses her artwork as a connection to the outside world. Her relationship with her therapist is important as she is her only source of communication with another person. When Nora realises she is starting to forget the city, it terrifies her and leads her into an emotional breakdown. The therapist helps Nora rationalize her fears and she is able to take her first step to overcoming her condition.

This story is important because it is not often that this condition is shown in film. Mental health is often misrepresented in film and our goal was to communicate the battle and efforts that someone endures, but to remain true to the experience.

Our story, while exploring a tragic psychological condition, also offers an element of hope for people battling with mental health.

Paper City, 2019Film1920 x 1080