November 21, 2020

What Are The Rules?

Chris Connarty

Ink and gesso on boardPublick Order, 202052 x 60 cm

With this work, I want to consider the role of instructional media and signage. Our experience of public space is facilitated by a system of public signage and guidelines, which serve as warnings and instruct us to perform specific actions. I want to evaluate how these visual cues indicate authority and command our attention, directing us in public life. Text in my practice is commonly borrowed from printed material and literary sources. In this case, the lettering was copied from the title page of Daniel Defoe’s novel, A Journal of the Plague Year (1722). This style of letterpress type makes reference to a history of printed public notices and bulletins. I am interested in the introduction of historical text to a contemporary setting. Installed in a public location, the work exists alongside everyday signs but offers no clear demand. The work invites us to consider the authority and intent behind the instructions we encounter on a daily basis.